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What does the future hold? How the future of learning will shape the student experience on campus - Shared screen with speaker view
Ariane Laxo
How do you see residential campuses shifting to accommodate more virtual learning modalities?
Sue Davies
Do you have suggestions for how to engage students in more active learning? We often get accused of expecting students to teach themselves.
Daniel Nash
What are your recommendations for building stronger ongoing student communities online - taking the university experience online?
Daniel Nash
Follow-on - businesses are looking to learn about how to build connections and support with employees and customers with virtual experiences
Gloria Marmolejo
I agree that students aren't calculators and that active learning and creativity are key. However, this involves more work. a) Many students expect to memorize, be entertained, and pass. Many have been slowly losing the ability to learn from reading and from lectures and rely on memorizing Power Points. They are shocked when the instructor doesn't post Power Points and instead, they are expected to read the textbook, take notes, and engage in active learning to solve applied situations. How do we eliminate the misconception and change the mindset? b) How can faculty get training on how learning works? and how to implement quality active learning?
Ariane Laxo
That's a great question to discuss on the WSU Building Community Innovation Challenge board (part of this Future of Learning Week)!https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lkrfyCg=/
Daniel Nash
I feel businesses will be looking to learn from our students, If we prepare them well :)
Elliot Felix
Daniel Nash
Thank you!
Heather Willis
Thank you!