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Undergraduate Student Virtual Town Hall - Thursday, July 9, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Taylor Schmahl
Thanks for being here, everyone! Dan- this question came in at 2:30 today. Could you ask Mark to answer it? "I am concerned about access to on-campus study areas and technology resources this fall, as I will likely need to remain on campus for long periods outside of class. What is the likelyhood that the library and computer labs will be open this fall? And if they need to remain closed, would it be possible to keep a portion of these areas open for students who, for whatever reason, may need to be on campus between classes?"
Sheri Sargent
Just to clarify, only Matt and David are doing presentations. Sara is here to answer advising questions if needed, but she won't be presenting separately.
Sara Granberg-Rademacker
Thanks, Sheri.