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BSU-Sabrina Erickson
Please rename yourself with a number in front of your name that correlates to your chosen breakout room.
Allen Bedford (he/him)
Good morning everyone. We will be starting at 11:15 AM.
4 Nicholas Taylor
In case anyone else wasn't familiar with editing their profile name (like me lol), would you mind providing some direction?
BSU-Sabrina Erickson
Participants will have the option of choosing their breakout room. Please also "rename" yourself by putting your chosen room number in front of your name. Thank you.
1 Porter Coggins (he/him/his)
click in the little 3 dots
1—Andy Bartlett
All of the delightful and brilliant people who use Macs can check the participants list — hover over your name, and a “more” button will pop up, and there’s an option in that “more” pulldown to rename yourself.
4 Nicholas Taylor
Great catch, Andy!
1—Andy Bartlett
(The Participants list has to be your top window; click on the window to focus on it if the “more” button isn’t popping up for you)
Tara O'Neil
Thanks Sabrina, Room Marketing please.
1—Andy Bartlett
Everyone come to Room 1; if I get more people than Travis gets in Room 4, he has to buy me a burrito.
4 - Travis Greene (he/him)
LOL. Sure thing, Andy.
BSU-Sabrina Erickson
Please rename yourself with the number of the room you would like to be in for discussion. ex: 1. Sabrina Wille. Or send me a message and I will put you in the room of your choice.
BSU-Sabrina Erickson
Send me your number and I will put you in your desired breakout room.
Halbana Tarmizi
Season Ellison
Season Ellison
That’s a GREAT point @Andy Wright
4 - Travis Greene (he/him)
1.) 1.4.6 (AIRC) – Write annual recruitment and retention plans and evaluate/assess them annually2.) 2.1.6 (ASC) – Enhance communication/ tracking software with capability to specifically monitor academic progress during 1st year.3.) 2.2.1 (HMU) – Expand the use of the CORQ (or applicable) app to include athletics events. Establish CORQ as the one location for all events for students on campus.4.) 2.2.5 (AVP-EM) – Create a re-enrollment program that connects with each student enrolled in the previous semester who has not yet enrolled in the subsequent semester.5.) 2.2.14 (VPSLS) – Establish baseline customer service satisfaction from enrolled students.
William Graves
Thank you for all of the work that has gone into this effort to date. I am off to another meeting.
Nina Johnson
How would we access a full list of the activities we are moving forward? How would we offer feedback on strategies we think might be missing?
1 - Rosanne Erickson
More of a comment - I think we get hung up on getting large number of students admitted/enrolled; and we should be celebrating very single student that does get admitted/enrolled. Even one student makes a difference! I firmly believe that each of us should strive to establish relationships with students, I know I've been able to make lifelong friends with some of my student workers, due to making an effort to really get to know them, and support them, and just be there for them. Often times, I heard from them, that they wished other students had the opportunity they had, to having a person they could talk with, and knew that person would do everything they could to get the help or support that student needed.
4 - Travis Greene (he/him)
Equity 2030 Work Group Top Level Action Items included below (download document).
BSU-Sabrina Erickson
Agreed, Rosanne!
Dennis Lunt (he/him)
I need to go to another meeting. Thank you for your work on this important enrollment plan, folks.
BSU-Sabrina Erickson
Could we have bargaining unit-led training so that ALL staff on campus are encouraged and equipped to support the students that enter our small circles of influence? I know staff make connections every day with students. I would love to see more organic, grass-roots, collective effort to address the equity goals of our university.
1 - Rosanne Erickson
Sabrina! Great thought! I would love to see your suggestion happen.
Nicholas Taylor
I would love to be involved in that, Sabrina, and some of my goals involve that kind of employee/bargaining unit/supervisor training. :)
Julie Adams
Are there mechanisms to get on-going feedback from students with suggestions to help increased enrollment - like a SUGGESTION box on prominent department sites (or maybe on D2L?
Dan Allosso
I think it’s really important, as Allen says, for feedback on our progress toward not only overall goals but details, needs to be much more available much more regularly.
4 - Cynthia Pederson
Thanks Sabrina for coordinating. :)