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MNTWS Plenary Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark C Hove
If you have a question, please type it in the Chat scroll, or, at the end of the presentation, use the raised hand symbol and share your question in the order at the top of the screen.
Mark Nelson
Is there a difference between rangeland and grassland?
Bill Severud (he | him)
You mentioned natural recolonization of beavers...have you used beaver reintroductions as a restoration/management tool?
Nicole Davros (she/her)
Thanks, Michael. Really enjoyed hearing from you!
Steve Windels
Beavers are the answer......
Mags Rheude (she/her)
That's Steve's answer to everything
Thomson Soule
Theodore Roosevelt: The Conservationist in the ArenaTR Center - 2008 Theodore Roosevelt Symposium TR Center - 2008 Theodore Roosevelt Symposium (theodorerooseveltcenter.org)I’m in Worster’s camp
Steve Windels
Douglas, what are some of the barriers your group has encountered to date in getting individuals to sign up for HNP or make their properties more eco-friendly?
Jacob Haus
Thanks Doug...please pass along a hello to the ENWC folks for me!
Michelle Doerr
How do you see agencies adding ecological landscapers? Or focus on current landscape artists? or both?
John P Loegering
fogging here is completely complaint based. One person complains and it raises awareness. no science. So how do we combat that?
John Moriarty
Metro Mosquito emphasizes larval control and limits adulticides.
Kristin Hall
Thanks Doug - I've heard a couple of your talks and always leave feeling inspired - a seriously needed feeling these days!
Nina Hill, TNC (she/her)
Tik Tok?
Nina Hill, TNC (she/her)
Emily Hutchins
And You Tube!
Mags Rheude (she/her)
People don't watch things either. They read short snippets on social media
Nicole Davros (she/her)
I live in a town that took up mosquito fogging a few years ago. After I raised some issues, they had a rep from the company give a talk in which he claimed their methods don't affect non-targets. I was one of few dissenting voices in the crowd. So my next step is to do a photo/video diary of the insects I find dead on my front porch after each spraying.
Nora Pennarola - she/her (USWFS)
Thanks, Douglas!
Nicholas Snavely
Do you see a potential correlation between Little Free Library in private land front yards and HNP?
Michelle Doerr
Thank you!!
Michelle Doerr
Panel - what are you hearing as a common thread?
Reid Plumb
Awesome talk, thanks Douglas!
Ellen Candler (she/her)
our neighborhood little florist: https://www.stephaniehankerson.com/pagel
Mark Nelson
Douglas - sounds like your work is coming full circle to Ian McHarg's "Design With Nature" from 1969. How have concepts and people changed since then?
Douglas Tallamy
You are absolutely right. Ian McHarg was decades ahead of his time.
Michelle Doerr
This is a direct tie to health care/mental health. In my dream world, mental health care is treated by people working on restoration projects. Restore earth/restore mind. :) DREAM BIG you say!!
Angela Grill (she/her)
We need better story tellers that can speak to the masses that shares these conservation messages and how to get involved and why they matter to everyone...I am all in favor of Doug getting a documentary going!
Nina Hill, TNC (she/her)
+1 Angela, we can share more stories! Why is the land, nature, insect, places, water is important to me, to you, to all the people we talk with
Mark Nelson
NRCS partners with Pheasants Forever biologists in Minnesota, and with Ruffed Grouse Society in Wisconsin. Similar for American Bird Conservancy. We need more federal-NGO partnerships like that.
mike iphone 2
Each office differs for Crp capabilities and differs. Much depends on partnerships. PF has farm bill biologists as do several other orgs toDo this work. A requirement of the program is cost share from the owners at up to 50%. Good point on Crp is that more field personell are needed to provide information to the farmers Ranchers beyond embattled what governmentOnly employees can do for them. Best counties have the best partnerships with owners and professionals that can assist them.
Nora Pennarola - she/her (USWFS)
This is why entomology is such a great avenue of building conservation energy - insects are everywhere, living their amazing little lives, and teaching people to see and appreciate them can connect them with their own landscapes. Urban backyards, suburban woodlots, prairie parcels, wherever!
Michelle Doerr
There are a ton of wildschooling programs out there and it keeps growing.
Mark Nelson
Deahn - you mentioned the complexity of e.g., moose limiting factors. How do you overcome the public's need to have one easy explanation?
Scott Christensen
Thanks for the invitation to participate. I need to hop off and get on another call. Best wishes to all!
Nicole Davros (she/her)
Yes - thank you to all the plenary speakers today! Really enjoyed hearing from everyone.
Deahn Donner
Thanks to Bruce!!
Michelle Doerr
This has been blowing my mind..... a little overwhelming at times. Well done organizing this MN TWS crew!
Thomson Soule
I think David Orr nails it- "What is Education for?https://www.context.org/iclib/ic27/orr/
Steve Windels
Thank you, Scott, Deahn, Michael, Douglas, and David!
Melissa Gabrielson
Amazing presentations today. Thanks for your time and sharing your stories.
Nicole Davros (she/her)
Nice job moderating, Mark!