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Adult Learners and Guided Self-placement - Shared screen with speaker view
Eva Scates-Winston (she/her)
Are there folks from other states looking at multiple measures for adult learners and other student populations?
Annette Carpenter
As an advisor for adult learners, it is still tricky especially when working with students with different documented or undocumented disabilities, including cognitive impairment, as well as ELL especially when a student has international coursework or even a degree. I do tend to rely on the accuplacer for guidance and try to really give guidance and reassure them regarding the placement testing.
Eva Scates-Winston (she/her)
So is this essentially a portfolio or digital credentials/other, which a learner will create and share with a college? Who helps put that information for self-placement together.
Bob Charlebois
I encourage students to use https://www.khanacademy.org/ to review, and refresh their knowledge. It helps them understand where they are in their ability.
Bob Charlebois
Thanks Larry. Really interesting stuff!
Eva Scates-Winston (she/her)
David Russell
Thank you!