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Understanding and Responding to Mass Incarceration 2022 Conference Morning Programming - Shared screen with speaker view
Katie W.
As a listener, I want to know what work is being done to change MSOP for the better OR get rid of rid of it. Whichever is the better outcome for the people there and our MN community as a whole……
Katie W.
Also, tell us what we as tax paying citizens can do to help. What are the specific instructions on how to help.
Katie W.
Example - Does the “End MSOP” group have a letter sample that is online for people to use to contact local legislators? Sample verbiage for us to use, I mean.
Katie W.
Is the ACLU an active partner of End MSOP?
David Boehnke
You can go to tinyurl.com/endmsop to see some info and draft talking points
I am Dan Wilson’s mother. I’d like to mention that Minnesota has more civilly committed people per capita than every other state. The recidivism rate for sex offenders is 3%. Minnesota has set the bar too high in comparison. The treatment program is ineffective on purpose. Minnesota can do better
This can happen to anybody!