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International Huskies Next Steps - Zoom Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Summaiah Junaid
Hey everyone! We're going to be starting in a few more minutes. Thanks for joining us today!
Summaiah Junaid
Meanwhile, please edit your display name with your name and country. That will help us know where you're joining us from!
garima (nepal)
Chee Moua-Yang
Connect with us on WhatsApp! https://chat.whatsapp.com/L72JpHTZyWX1jeVjYTMapa
Summaiah Junaid
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tdYigjlA6o - Watch Kushal talk about SCSU here!
Joy (Thailand)
Hi, I would like to ask that do we need to do self-quarantine on arrival?
Summaiah Junaid
Summaiah Junaid
_Leslie Starrett
Salome Jerry Pantuvo(Nigeria)
is there train services from St Paul Airport Minneapolis to St Cloud?
Cassidy Ng - HIA
Hi Salome - There is train service from MSP airport to Big Lake and then you would take a bus from Big Lake to SCSU.
Cassidy Ng - HIA
Chee Moua-Yang
Good morning everyone!!! So excited to have you all here with us! International Student Orientation will be kicking off on Tuesday, August 17th! We will be meeting in person. Please monitor your emails from CIS asking you to participate in our survey to get a better understanding of your plans. We want to prepare for your arrival! Any questions about orientation- please send me a message at cmmoua@stcloudstate.edu.
mina ikegima
Good day everyone. please I have a question, differing I-20 is it same as differing to the next session?
Chee Moua-Yang
@Mina, if you are looking to defer your I20, you can connect directly with Leslie to assist with that.
Prince Othniel
@Chee, I have graduate assistantship orientation on Tuesday, August 17 at 4:30PM. Will the orientation for international students clash with the GA orientation?
Chee Moua-Yang
Hello Prince! Welcome back! We work closely with Graduate Studies in regards to our schedules. You will be fine. You will be able to do both.
Prince Othniel
Awesome! Thank you.
Bidit (Nepal)
Hi! could you talk a little about health insurance on campus? Can we pay for insurance before flying to the states? Is it an annual payment? can we pay for the years we will be on campus in the start? Also would appreciate it if you could talk about any alternatives to campus insurance as well as dental insurance?
Claudia Burgos (Nicaragua)
Thank you! :)
Sumikshya (Nepal)
Hello everyone! I was wondering if the ambassadors could speak about their first experience of winter in St. Cloud. What we should expect and prepare for?
Would you please share some information regarding apartments where most of the students prefer around St. Cloud?
Salome Jerry Pantuvo(Nigeria)
I will be leaving Nigeria on the 19th to arrive on the 20th July. I am traveling with my children. I will appreciate information and links on family accommodation close to the university.
Bidit (Nepal)
Thank you so much for the information. I also wanted to if we need to register for classes before the semester start or can we register during the orientation? And what happens to the registration if we have to defer to spring?Also wanted to know about immunization requirements? Do we need to bring any medical records or are the medical tests done after arriving?
Chee Moua-Yang
Hello Salome, I sent you an email. Please check your email and if you would like for further assistance, please reach out to me directly.
Chee Moua-Yang
Hello, these are some really great questions. Please join us next week to discuss this further.
Bidit (Nepal)
Also I would be grateful if you could elaborate on whom all we needed to inform regarding late arrival?