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ALI Breakout Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Jess Niebuhr
Please do enter questions in the chat!
Jess Niebuhr
Welcome to those of you who missed the intro. Please do put questions in the chat for after the presentation. We will also open it up for discussion
Julie Jaszkowiak
How many students/courses do you typically do military course evaluations for? Do you have any plans for evaluating military occupations?
Michele Rice
Julie, we did 3K plus and loaded the decisions into our transfer tool. That way, when a service member shows up, it's already ready
Michele Rice
It took a while, and we are still working on some
Julie Jaszkowiak
That is fantastic! I am currently working on a project doing initial evaluations for military courses and putting in our transfer system. I don't think people realize how many military courses there are!
Julie Jaszkowiak
How would you transfer coursework from military schools such as US Air Force Academy or West Point?
Julie Jaszkowiak
How do you transfer CLEP or DSST exams that are listed on the JST? Do you require separate transcripts for the exams?
Jess Niebuhr
How do you charge for these services? Full tuition? Discounted?
Jess Niebuhr
Is the charge prior to review, so if no credits are awarded the student still pays?
Elizabeth Carrillo
Thank you! Please share the last slide with those links